Essential Oils Workshops

Essential Oils Workshop

This class runs for 1.5 hours with an extra half hour afterwards for questions

During this class we will cover

What are essential oils

Explore natural solutions for your family’s health

Why doTerra essential oils

How to use essential oils

Any health challenges you are experiencing

Top 10 Essential Oils you need in your house

How to get doTerra essential oils

How doTerra's Loyalty Rewards program works

Different ways to use the oils to benefit your life

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Wellness Consultation

A Wellness Consultations usually lasts about 40 minutes

During this time we will discuss:

What are essential oils and how can you use them

Essential Oils that will help support your current health and family needs

How you can get Essential Oils

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Want to get Essential Oils?

Please click on the button Shop for Oils if you would like to buy Essential Oils through me, then please let me know via email at so we can schedule a one on one consultation.